The PaVima Institute
preparing leaders for global transformation
The PaVima Institute partners with leaders committed to global transformation by providing unconventional education, consulting and coaching services. By employing energetic alignment, somatic integration and ontological design, our clients are left with the capacity to redesign their lives, restructure their organizations, and a new power and wisdom to address mankind's most daunting challenges.

Our Philosophy

The PaVima Institute contends that humanity is currently undergoing a major shift in consciousness, and that this shift is profoundly altering the historical understanding we humans have held about who we are and the world we inhabit. Nevertheless, this shift is still in its embryonic stages. We predominately embody a paradigm that defines who and what we are as separate from one another, and surviThe PaVima Institute Teamval and fear continue to pre-occupy most people’s lives.

If we try to address the global challenges we are facing without first shifting the structure of self that embodies fear and separation, we will only make incremental progress that is too little, too late because the forces we have unleashed are quickly out-pacing our ability to respond from within the paradigm of self that humanity currently embodies. In this respect, we would rephrase Albert Einstein’s famous quote by saying,

No problem can be solved from the same level of awareness that created the problem.

The PaVima Institute is committed to accelerating this shift in consciousness. We do so based on our understanding of the Law of Creation which holds:

Everything that comes into existence has two components at its origin: 
(i) a force organizing physical matter into a shape, and (ii) information about what that shape will look like.

This law is active in the lives of human beings all the time whether we are aware of it or not. Furthermore, every human being has the ability to shape this information into anything desired, meaning we have the power to create anything we wish to see and experience. The current circumstances we face result from a lack of awareness of this law. Only by understanding and consciously applying this law will we be able to bring about global transformation.

The PaVima Method employs Energetic Alignment, Somatic Integration and Ontological Design to prepare leaders and their organizations for global transformation. Our unique approach draws from cutting edge research in the disciplines of cognitive neuroscience, the ontology of language, phenomenology, applied physics, the biology of cognition, psychotherapy, somatics, and systems thinking, thereby enabling our clients to address mankind’s most daunting challenges.

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